I Love The grunge of paris

Post: Hello! Fall is here. I love the fall, the slow color changing leaves and the crunch of the dry ones under my feet. The chilly air brushing up against my face. I can’t wait to start carving pumpkins. I sound like a nine year old, but I guess thats what I am at heart. Anywho, I went snooping at the forgotten jackets at Lelutka and I found this gorgeous trench coat. I love fall/winter for another reason = LAYERS! I love layers. It makes the body look sleeker and I feel like there is much more to play with than in the summer. I also love the incomparable elegance of a trench coat or fur jacket over cute layers. Gorge.

I also went hunting for the new shoes at Vive 9. They’re uber cute and well made. They remind me of oxfords but with a platform front and chunkier stiletto heel. I also love the sock or no sock option! I’m not taking them off of my feet for a long time. I also got the new hair at Epoque. I love it. I’ve always been into the head-wrap/ turban look and SL, sadly, lacks that. The hair reminds me of a more ethnic hairstyle, which I love. I love curly to coarse hair, maybe because my hair is so straight. Everything else is old except the leopard blouse which is from the uber super couture Paper Couture fall collection.

The Model Wears;
Epoque (NEW)
Skin: Tres Blah (Neon Corner)
Glasses: Paper Couture:
Jacket: Lelutka
Shirt: Paper Couture
Pants: So Many Styles
Heels w/ Sock: Vive 9 (NEW)
Belt: Emery

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