Dear Sandstorm, Take Me Away.

       Post:  Hi! So, this post shall be a mini autobiography of moi. I’m 18 years old. I just started college this week and I’m thrilled and nervous. So, I think I started SL when I was 14. I’m majoring in pre med. I wanna be Dr Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m debating if I should also be Sarah Oh because she used to have a sex with a black penis. But seriously, I wanna become an ER doctor because I wanna be able to say, “I save lives.” in a nice big girl voice. So that’s who Leona is.             Don’t you love my blog? Mine isn’t all cute and proper, it’s quite grungy and vulgar and I love that. I’m trying to make the HOF fashion show at Fashion Week. Ok, so let’s get down to serious business. The above mannequin avi is made by Mijn Seoung. She used to own Mijn.t but it’s been re-branded to BRB. I like BRB bettah, it’s easier to remember. I always screwed up Mijn.t  It’s available at BRB if you are interested. They have it in black and silver. Anyways, I have fallen in love with the mannequin avie at Mijn.t, owned by Mijn Seoung. I’ve been trying to do something with for a long time, so finally  I decided to do a little mini editorial on the Modavia Fashion Week. So I had to at least put up another picture. Anyways, I’m going to be adding up pictures and potential posts (or just adding more words) throughout the week. The items seen on the runway are being sold at Modavida II. Most outifts cost around $450L and up. I tried to pop in for the shows but the lag is horrid. But, anyone thats anyone is there. That’s all I’m going to say. See you on the runway!

The Model Wears;
Look 1:
Avie: BRB
Jacket & Dress: Chantkare *Modavida Items*
Heels: Lelutka

Look 2:
Avie: BRB
Dress: CheerNo *Modavida Item*
Jacket: Epoque
Heels: Elikatira
Glasses: Paper Couture

Location: Deep Desert


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