Post: Hi! So, for this “issue” of my blog, I’ve decided NOT TO SWEAR. Honestly, swearing is dumb. I’m not a witch so I shouldn’t swear. I wonder who came up with these words, they sound like dumb children words. I don’t get it, but I do adore a nice swearing session.  I have established that no book that I shall read is enough to satisfy my book craving, so I shall write a book. I have already begun, but I’m not gonna tell you what its about. Anyways. I LOVE THIS NEW EPOQUE JACKET. Ok, so being completely honest. I went into to Epoque to look at the new sheer gown. According to WordPress Spellcheck: Epoque should be Époque. I like that better if you ask me. Classier. Anyways, I love sheer! I wanted it to be like a cape skirt thing but veil material. A lace sheer skirt. But then I caught eye of the jacket. I thought it looked a little too tacky, like I imagined the shoulders being too pointy, and also I had 2L under the price. So I gave this guy a quick blowjob for it. YES, VINTAGE MCMILLAN, A BLOWJOB FOR YOUR JACKET. And I bought it and won’t take it off since. The store mannequin can be deceiving. But now I’m in love. Everything else is old stuff in my inventory, except that cute hair by Lamb. I wish I had the balls to do that to my hair. I’m trying to get on WordPress Freshly Pressed, so lets keep it classy. And if I don’t get on it because of the word “blowjob”, I’m calling Julia Roberts and telling her she was a dirty pretty woman.

The Model Wears; (Who Am I Kidding? I Do Everything)

Hair: Lamb
Royal Blue
Necklaces: Paper Couture & LayGo
Location: Devils Pocket
Soundtrack: Countdown by Beyonce



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