Vintage Broad With Bad Hair Dye

Post: This is the first day in many days that I actually roll out of bed at 10 am. I’m loving it. I’m done with work & am prepping to go back to school soon. Fifth Grade! Big step in my life. Now I have time to blog and do stupid shit.  Britney Spears came to Boston the other night and I wish I had gone. But, I’m saving my money to go see Adele when she comes by. I love Adele. I can do a killer Rolling in The Deep. Oh I adore my little android. It’s sitting next to me and serenading me some pop music. Life if good. So, I’ve been so out of SL, I don’t have much gossip or shit to talk about. Oh god, rain is pouring in through my window. Chapping my anus right now. Is rain good for wood floor? I’m too lazy to get up. I went to Orientation the other day and it was awesome. I was the baddest chick there, but what can such a fly person do? Anywho, I gotta go clean a mess. I wonder if I can get the storm clean up people in here.

The Model Wears;
Hair: lamb
Skin: &bean
Lips: pididdle
Jacket: peqe
Top:  house of fox
Skirt: vive 9 (belt included)
Necklaces: paper couture
Purse: house of fox
Location: Sea Salts
Soundtrack: Big Fat Bass by B. Spears

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