Post: I’m using my computer today so it’ll be a kinda normal post. Shit i just wrote a bunch of bullshit & it got erased. That really chaps my anus. So im not gunna rewrite everything. I was saying that if you look at the picture, theres something on my shoulder & yourw probably like what the fuck is that? Well, i have a jacket in rl, a jean one to be exact & i got an old blyue blazer of my mums & my sewed on the shoulder fabric & added shoulder padding. So its a one shoulder padded jacket. I want someone to make one like that. I wish i was creatively motivated to make something. Someone should hire me for my ideas. Minnu, hit me up. I would also love to have a lace tux or at least a lace tux jacket. Like the way i want sl weave. Fuck my chapped anus. Credits will be shaky, i apologize.

Hair: 69
Skin: fashionably dead
Jacket: vive9
Top: laygo
Undertop: paper couture
Skirt: tokidoki (sorry if i fucked it up)
Shoes: lelutka
Necklace: paper couture
Pad: coco
Glasses: alphavillian

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