Canvas Flawas

Post: Happy Late 4th of July for my fellow Americans. I’ m from the USA, so I was popping, locking, and dropping for Ben Franklin. I’m about to head out to the beach in a few minutes, but I decided to make a post beforehand. I finally finished my book and I hate not having anything to read as good as that. I need to soothe my way out of the novel, so that I can enter another one. Its crazy people talk, but what can I do?

The Model Wears;
Guardian in Genetic Pack by Epoque
Beach Baby in Smokey by (NO)
Irma Shirt in Cream by LeLutka
Part of Canvas Flowers by Paper Couture
Vanessa in Smoky by R.icielli
SLink in Tiptoe

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2 thoughts on “Canvas Flawas

  1. Light Claven says:

    you can start reading murakami, you grungy lesbian you.

    • Leona Jayaram says:

      i’m not grungy because my hair is clean weave. i dont reuse it like some people! And is it good? i really need a nother good book!

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