Bullett Necklace

Post: Hola! My blog sucks. I changed the url & now the syndication is fucked and I hate messing with this crap. I feel like I lost readers and such because of that, it was the worst thing I did. Oh well! I’m currently finishing a novel called The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood and I have like 20 pages to go, but I don’t want to finish reading it. It’s a mystery kind of novel so the ending is the last piece to the puzzle & I hate finishing a good book because I keep comparing it to every other one I will try to read after this one. One thing I like to do is read the last page of every book first, so that maybe I can solve the novel while reading. I also like that in the beginning it means nothing, but when I reach that page, it makes sense. I probably sound like such a faggot but what can I do? “Did she just say faggot?” “Omg is a guy?!” No, I have a clitoris & the other accessories.  I wanna write a book someday, I have great novel ideas, I just need a writing coach to help me with setting up the novel etc. I hit the hair fair today. I am a faithful epoqueist so thats the only hair I bought. It’s the one photographed if you’re wondering. Its cute. Expensive for what it is, because its only a prim piece but Vin probably worked real hard on it, so who am I to judge? I also finally purchase the cute safari shorts at Lelutka. They’re cute! Love them. I hate fairs, it was sooo laggy there, someone should create an online bazaar fair thing. Jayaram 12! I’d be a great fashion president. I guess thats a wrap.

The Model Wears;

Hair: Guardian in Void by Epoque *Hair Fair*
Beach Baby in Smoky by Nylon Outfitters
Glasses: Oversized Shades in Muted by Epoque
Part of Seen by Moonlight by Paper Couture
Safari Pants in Vanilla by Lelutka
Sheer Tights in Black by Vive 9
Basic Pumps in Cream by fri.day
Gold Chocker by ICON
Bangle: Snakeskin Bangle in 14 Carrot Gold by Armidi
Oversized Enamel Loops by Paper Couture

Location: Silver Springs
Girls Fall Like Dominoes by Nicki Minaj

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