Through The Fog…To The Chinese Restaurant

Post: Hello! I think American greetings are so boring. We should get some cheerios over to our side. Hi & Hello are so plain. Maybe if they were spoken in a type of accent instead of flat like most Americans. I, on the other hand, like to speak in a distinct nasal accent, mostly referred to a mixture between NYC & Boston. I think its hawt. Jesus Christ, I need to give my weave a trim. I don’t like my hair too long, annoys me. So, anyways, on the other hand, I’m broke. I’m more broke than humus. That makes no sense, but I know jewish people & they eat humus. Is it true that jewish people are frugal? I’m not sure, but they should make a census to find out which race is the cheapest. Maybe black people because some of them are ghetto. I’m a ghetto oreo. I dye my hair with kool aid, then drink it after. I use corks are heels whenver mine break, just a dab of super glur & i’m pumping once more. So because of my brokeness, my inventory has nothing new except things that are sent, but shipping is expensive so no one sends me anything anymore. Well, if you’d like to see your items on this screen, send them to me. BUT! I am allowed to critize them, good or bad. So make good quality items. (I’m mostly good or no one will hire me!).

The Model Wears;
Lover in Powder by !lamb
Bird Skin in Slasher 04 by &bean
Sweater Mademoiselle in Tan by Emery
Part of Shiver Dress by Le Lutka Ultra
High Waist Spandex Trousers in Salmon by Epoque
Mairey Leather Belt by Pacadi Jasha
Knit Socks in Grey by So Many Styles
Baby T’s in Black by Pixel Mode
Weekender Tote in Mauve by House of Fox

Location: City of Perdition
Soundtrack: Set Fire To The Rain by Adele

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