Working Gal

Post: There’s a tornado watch in Massachusetts & I’m scared. Jesus better not be coming back because I’m busy this week. Tornados are horrifying and my hair is too pretty for them. I might be back, if I don’t get blown away like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. By the way, Word press, you’re spell check is fucked up. They don’t recognize “dont”. WTF? Crazy absurdity. If I had control over the world or was at least a hawt president, I would wear sexy pencil skirts and would have all the men under my belt, not literally because I’m not a whore, I’m just a slut. If I were Eva Braun back when Hitler was around, I would’ve stuck his ass in a gas chamber and would run the world. Thats just me, if you dont agree, come fight me, I got my vaseline out & everything.

The Model Wears:
RYKIEL in Irish Red by Lelutka
Beach Baby in Smokey by NO
Princess Rehab by Pididdle
Boyfriend Blazer in Beigie by SMS
Irma Shirt in Purple by Le Lutka
Resort Sweats in Grey by Tahari
Aviator Glasses in Cream by Paper Couture
Belt: Vanessa Belt in Smoky by R.icielli
Heels: Move Pumps in Nude by [e]
Purse: Weekender Tote in Blue by HOF

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