Daylight Glitter

                             Post: Hello, Hello! I love that song by Martin Solveign, its in a commercial I think. Anyways, look at my picture. I finally used one of those pre-made backdrops. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of them because I think its cheating, much like morphing. Second Life pictures should be purely second life with the help of the handy dandy photoshop. So I like taking my pictures on location, so I cant wait for Cupcake to open so I can get in there for the pictures. I also learned that I have 64K in Lindens on Second Life beta. Doesn’t that suck ass? That money is non transferable & worthless. Kill me. I discovered this cute store called La Blaq, ( I think I spelled it right, I close SL whenever I blog so that I can concentrate) the blazer is from there. The ideas are there and so are the designs, I just want to see more of it. Omg I saw the Chunk Platform Heels by Vintage McMillian (Epoque) and they’re gorgeous. They’re unique yet similar to the Saffron Pumps. I believe they’re hawt and I want them. Send them to me! Thats all for today. Till next time. Take the Poll!

The Model Wears;
Bajka in Jet by Anaphora
Catty in Blessa by tres blah
Bionic Jacket in Blackout by LaBlaQ
Catherine Blouse in GaucheGrey by !OhMai
HighWaisted Flowy Shorts by (fd)
Knot Belt in Walnut by LG_Femme
Move Pumps in Nude by [e]

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