It’s Not LeToya…It’s LaToya!

Post: Hola Amigos! I’m so pumped for Celebrity Apprentice tonight, even though I hoped that the Trump men would be more attractive. Yes, Don…I’m talking to you. He creeps me out with his gelled back hair and creepy smile. Ivanka should wear sexier clothing, that might make me happier. But anyways, the competition is really tight so I’m breathing in every single second of drama. My heart skips a beat every time La Toya opens her mouth. I am a Jackson family fan because I feel like they’re shit is so well hidden. I have started taking Photoshop classes with my buddy Light Claven. I’m learning from the best and I hope my pictures have improved, not that I give a fuck. Well, at least half a fuck. My pictures used to be super blurry because of the pixelized skin that drove me insane, but you actually have to increase your picture’s dimensions and then resize instead of smudging the fuck out the pics. By the way, WordPress’ spell check sucks ass! I’m either not typing in english or they just don’t understand me. So if I sound like a fucking tard, its not my fault because I passed english in high school. Don’t you just adore the jacket I’m wearing? Its by Peqe and I adore it! Go check it out. I gotta go watch Julia Child or get high.

The Model Wears:
Ambrosia in Powder by !lamb
Beach Babe in Smoky by Nylon Outfitters
Custom Made for Me by La Malvada Mujer
Pacific Jacket in Vintage by Peqe
Strapless Bra in Wine by Epoque
WaistHighs in Acid by Vive9
Fishnet Tights by Blowpop
Basic.pumps in Cream by
Bohemian Glow in Grey by !_Ce Cubic Effect
Brooch: My Skully Feather Brooch by Oh! Studio
Virtual Decay Quaratine
Welcome to Medina by Medina

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