Jackie O Visits The Ghetto

Post: Hi Guys! I’ve got a huge essay due tomorrow on The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. It’s a great read, I’m in love with it. The movie isn’t that great, even though Natalia Richards in it, so read the book. I finally got photoshop and its amazing, quick ass smudge and blur. I wonder if Jackie O ever visited the ghetto, I wanna watch The Kennedys but I don’t have the channel that it was on on, so I gotta get my ass on hulu. If I were a queen or first lady or Kate Middleton, I’d visit the ghetto. I wanna travel to India to touch the poverty and grunge of the city life, I am in no way saying India is just all poor and grungy. But it does have that exotic thing that I hunger for. Well, thats all about me. The above outfit is a mixture of crap in my closet. I love &bean skins because its so theatrical, I take my hat off to &bean. See ya soon, cuntorises.

The Model Wears:
Alejandro in Grain by Epoque
IBLEWC3PO Old Bones in Rosy  by &bean
Princess Rehab by Pididdle
Claven Blouse in Antique by W&B and Antique Minidress by LG Femme (DU4)
Vivian Skirt in Yellow by Yozoh*
Basic Pumps in Cream by fri.day
Virtual Decay Quaratine
Say Yes by Nicole Scherzinger, I Wanna Go by Britney Speaks

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