Hey There Pretty Lady!

Post: Hey. The quality of this pic sucks huge hairy balls. I want someone to teach me how to smudge with class. I need to wear my glasses when I edit I think, it would help me see shit. I wanna learn how to make the skin and edges look super smooth & flawless, so if you’re interested in teaching me, text me or find me in world and I’ll love you eternally. I’ve recently finished The Handsmaid Tale by Margaret Atwood. It’s deliciously good. The way she writes the novel is intoxicating. Let me give you a mini summary. The novel is pretty much about how women are being taken captive and used as a surrogate or “rental wombs” for these barren wives, so they must lie on their backs once a month while the commander/husband pretty much rapes her. Well the novel is a narrative of one of these women’s experience. It’s so good. The writing style is intoxicatively captivating. Also, I love this new hair by elikatira. I’m addicted to high ponytails. They turn me on because I’m fascinated by napes. It’s like Nabovok described in Lolita, only some of the girls are nymphets, just like only some napes and wrist bones make me churn in excitement. Anyways, the hair is hawt & comes in two versions, full bang & almost too short bang. Yes, I am wearing the demo because I’m too cheap to buy it. But also, I kind like the grey streaks in the hair, works wonderfully. Gorge. The nipples on this skin is so perky and amazingly well done. I think thats all for tonight, see yur arse around.

The Models Wears:
Glory in Brown 02 by Elikatira
LG Peau d’Ange – AYIL
Eyebrows: Anthology of Transition #2 *only eyebrows* by La Malvada Mujer
SeaGreen Pearl Necklace by House of Fox
Put Em Up Gloves in Charcoal by Royal Blue
Aviator Glasses in Cream by Paper Couture

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