Overpriced Trashy Vixens

Post: Hi Chicos & Chicas. I’m using Safari and did you know that they auto spellcheck shit for ya? Well they do, so I might sound less of a dirty whore. Anyways, La Malvada Mujer released a purse (pictured above, duh) thats ultra gorge. Gorge means gorgeous btw. The bag comes with an ao which is cool, but the bag is extremely chic even though its bold neon. I love their little seal on the top, reminds me of my Guess bags.  The bag is only avaiable at the Fashion House. Also, Irie Campese, the super chic owner of SMS is releasing the above wine dress for TDR, go pick it up for 60L. I love the color and the fabric. The design is gorge as well. The Secret Store released a cute little numba at the fashion house as well, I only used the skirt but its cute & cheap. I think I’m done, nite bitches.

The Models Wear:
Just in Blonde 02 *mod in Yellow* by [e] *NEW*
Skin: Blessa in Catty by tres blah
Lips: Lost My Keys! by Pididdle
Top: Bold in Aqua by Peqe
Bodysuit: Rigid Bodysuit in Grey by Epoque
Skirt: FrouFrou in Navy by The Secret Store *NEW*
Stockings: Sheer Tights in Black by Vive9
Socks: Nifty Knit Socks in Swim Like A Pink Fish by Glasnost
Heels: Move Pumps in Nude by [e]

Hair: Same as Above
Skin: Same as Above
Lips: Princess Rehab in Matte by Pididdle
Top: Top Lace Bow in Natural by Emery
Dress: Tulip Dress in Burgundy by SMS *TDR*
Belt: Vanessa Belt in Smoky by R.icielli
Gloves: Put Em Up Gloves in Charcoal by Royal Blue
Bag: In Neon by La Malvada Mujer *NEW*
Stockings: Garter Socks in Noir by Royal Blue
Shoes: Move Pumps in Nude by [e]


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