Seerose Shapes!

Post: So before I begin, the above pictures are not mine what so ever! They’ve been copied and pasted from the marketplace under Natla Seerose’s name, I hope she won’t mind if she comes across this post. I was actually on the marketplace looking for the Blessa Valentine skins but I came across Ms. Seerose and I was speechless. First of all, those outfits are killer gorge! Great taste. But secondly, her shapes look so cool & unique, at least to me, and I just had to find a way to share it. The shapes are also so cheap which is a huge plus. She has these cool ass pictures too on her flickr, so to summarize it all up, this post is pretty much stalking/kissing ass Natla Seerose. Wanna be my new bff? What about my muse? Think about it, it’s a good deal. Anyways, give her marketplace thing a look & try the shapes…I hope they’re as good as they photograph.



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