Classy Mofo.

Post: Good Afternoon to all you butches. So I got lots to talk about so you know the drill, sit down and shut up. Tres Blah released a new skin which is the valentines day spin on Blessa. It’s gorge! The new skin has blush that slides into the hairline, adding an incredible difference to the structure of the face. The eyebrows and lips are classic tres blah which is gorge as well. I love it, I went there three times before this skin’s release to buy Blessa, thank god I waited. Also, I retouched bases with Label Mode/Razt Bellic who owns Label Mode and they’ve released new booties (which are too die for) and makeups. They seem to be re establising their store and wow, they’ve got great potential! Label is also running The Fashion Garret, which is a Barcelona fashion district. So, now lets hear about me. I finally got a black person to put some weave in my hair and it hurts and its itchy. I love it though! I added some lightter colors to my hair, california highlights. I love the way I can remove it whenever i want. I also discovered sticker nail polish! Great stuff. Ok, I think I’m done. The above outfit has nothing really new, except the Lotte Weave by Maitreya which is sooooo cute, just me flipping through my closet. Au good night.

The Model Wears:
Lotte in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Light Blessa in Catty by tres blah
Lara Stone Teeth by La Malvada Mujer
Part of Latex Fin Dress in Grey by Epoque & Consequences Dress in Black by Lark
Tweed High Waisted Chinos by Vive9
Karija Necklace by House of Fox *not sure if its released*
Stella Clutch in Blue Berry by House of Fox *not sure if its released*

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