Vive9 Hair Salon

Review: Wow! Vive9 owned by the Bilavio sisters, Inna & Sanya, released three new hairs called Freja (above), Yulia & Luca. Freja is my personal favorite. I am wearing it in Dust& Sand. My piggy bank is broke so I had to make money from collecting dimes at the city fountain. I like the soft look of the hairs, it’s not flexi though which sucks with some poses but it’s worth the sacrifice. But I enjoy the highlighted look of the hair, makes it look very realistic, especially the darker pigment at the hairline. My only critique is that its hard to edit with my head so the hairline looks good but maybe its just me. But overall, its smashing. I have heard that 7 more hairs will be released along with the Sasha skin, but you didn’t hear it from me. Go check it out!

The Model Wears;
Freja in Dust&Sand by VIVE9
Jejune in Dig It! by tres blah
Princess Rehab in Matte by Pididdle *Kozmetica*
Innocent Eyelashes by glow studio

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