Oh My Jehovah!

Post: Good Morning! Now shut up and sit down because I have a lot to say! First, I apologize for the picture quality blah blah blah. Also, I received the Vive9 notecards for their new salon at like 10 something last night, you guys probably got them this morning if you weren’t online etc. I love late night releases. Well they released it today being the 5th but I love late night preview dates. They look good! It’s three very different hairstyles but they still all make my heart and piggy bank beat hard. The Sasha skin by them will most likely be released in a month tops, and I received information that they have 10 or 7 if you count the first 3 hairs to be released but I’m not sure of the time frame. Releasing time is of the essence, you know.

Second, Hathian is being remodeled! If you love taking on location shots, their new sim is hot. Third, I am receiving these new accessories (headpieces, eye monochrome, etc) from a talented girl called Mila Tatham. Her and Rodroguez Imako are creating these cute little pieces. They own *SoliDea FoliEs**, which is where I got the feather headpiece from. Gorgeous items, incredible ideas. Check them out because they’re hot atm.

Third, Boon is having a 50% sale on three new items in their store. The first picture has the hair that is on sale for 140L. The blonde pack comes with three shades of blonde, so that’s probably the case for other color packs. I don’t know how long the sale will last but the hair is great quality and gorgeous. Also, don’t you fucking love Aurora? Oh my Jehovah I love it so much. The owner is FUGEES Teardrop and damn is her shit good. I love Aurora 003, the hair in the second picture because of the receding “I havent colored my roots but it looks good look” Hot.

Fourth, I have a major cold and have been high off of dayquill and nyquill. I feel hyper and alive today, hence the ginormous blog post. I met Gyorgyna from Laygo and she’s the sweetest person. She also has these super elegant and skinny legs, yum. And I think that’s all I’m going to say for today.


The Models Wear:
Look 1
Hair: GOB250 hair in Blonde by Boon
Skin: Jejune in Dig It by tres blah (Send me a new skin!!!!)
Lost My Keys in Glossy by Pididdle *Kozmetica*
Tops: Claven Lace Blouse in Aubergine by W&B, Body Udna 2 by Emery
Part of Paito Dress in Noir by Tee*fy
VANESSA belt in Smoky by R.icielli
MATA III in Silver by *SoliDea FoliEs*
Look 2
Hair: Aurora 003
Skin: Jejune in Dig It by tres blah
Don’t Stop Yet in Glossy by Pididdle *Kozmetica*
Off  The Shoulder Top in White by Tee*fy
Buttoned Military Skirt in Navy by Epoque
Nordic Tights in Grey & Mustard by SMS
My High Socks in Grey by Milk Motion
Vidalia Pumps in Metallic Noir by Armidi Gisaci *Closed*
Richie Bag by House of Fox *FLF*
Dragon Fly Fabric Necklace by Paper Couture

Location: Hathian
 Vamos A La Playa by Loona


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