What The Heck?

Review: Hi! Oh its been a long time! I decided to update my profile picture, I was sick of the mustache one. But the real truth is that I finally have money for it. I’m trying so hard to budget my spendings but I cant help myself. So listen to this, I’ve been thinking about writing. A novel! Yeah, I know *gasp*. Now listen to my plot. It’s a book about a man that is a fashion designer and he is looking for the right woman to model his clothes. Finally, during a casting he meets his muse. Shes a petite girl with poor posture and akward shoulders. But shes also gorgeous, she has a Lara Stone gap, scars on parts of her body. The ugly duckling so to speak. So this man falls in love with her and it turns into obssesion and he ends up killing her. How about that Dickens? Every book I pick up at the library is soooo boring. I would recommend Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niggenfenger *I probably messed that up* and Lolita by Navobok *messed that one too*. Great drama! I gotta go watch tv with my mommy, don’t judge me bitch!

The Models Wear:
Powder in Granny by !lamb
Jejune in Dig It! by tres blah
Under Eyeshadow 11 by Cheap Makeup
Silver Bead Necklace by Paper Couture

Hair: Escape in Black by [e]
Jejune in Dig It! by tres blah
Princess Rehab Lips by Pididdle
Part of Clingy Dress in Emerald by VG
Trompe-l’oeil Dress in Newspaper Shirt by Royal Blue
Pants: My Highwaist Wool Pants by Milk Motion
Sculpted Socks in Grey by Maitreya
High Oxford in Black by Tesla

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