Damn it! My straightner broke.

Post: Muhahaha, I’m on a f***ing roll!  See, I’m trying to be “proper-er” so I don’t type out full swear words, anymore. Two posts one after the other, get at me. Too soon? Yeah I thought so.  I noticed that I put commas in random places. Anyways, I was bored and had new stuff in my inventory and I envy all the pretty skinny chicks that blog as fast as a computer, so I thought to post stuff and say “Ha!”. Listen, if you like my work and what you see on this blog, don’t hesitate to send me pretty stuff to blog or we can just have a conversation or you could hire me as well, I need a job. Also, if you like it or hate it or just wanna say “hello” or fight me, leave a comment, I love those things. You should also leave comments on other people’s work because it gives people an extra push because they feel like their work is appreciated. Mine isnt work because I do it cuz every skinny bitch on the block is doing it, but I would love to hear your opinions if you have one, if you don’t that’s ‘ight. Send me donations! I give you a mini lap dance for it. Gosh, I’m such a piece of trailer park trash. Goodnight, I need to go get shitfaced for work tomorrow.


The Models Wear;
Look #1
Jennifer in Sweden (Blonde Pack) by LeLutka
Jejune in Dig It! by Tres Blah
Irma Shirt in Purple by Lelutka
High Waist Spandex Shorts in Grey by Epoque
Look #2
Paio in Light Brown by MIRAI
Jejune in Dig It! by Tres Blah
Part of Sequin Jungle Dress by Paper Couture
WaistHighs in Acid by (Vive9)
Fishnet Pantyhose in Black by Vextra Messing
Suede Platform Pumps in Pink by Paper Couture

Location:  Devil’s Pocket/Hatian
Greenlight by Roll Depp & Saturday by Basshunter

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