La Malvada Mujer

Review: Hola Chicos & Chicitas (is that the proper spelling? I failed Spanish in high school)! So listen up, I’m never buying skins again! Sorry skin makers, you’ve lost a customer. Wanna know why? I’m addicted to these new tattoo cosmetic things. Don’t roll your eyes, they’re really good! If you don’t know what they are, they are makeup that you wear on the new tattoo layer provided by Second Life and most of the third-party viewers. Well, I met a new store, well at least new to me, called La Malvada Mujer. It means The Evil Woman in Spanish, thank god for Google Translate. The boutique is run by the talented Faina Cortes and it offers the makeups as well as kick ass tattoos. But, the best part is that these cosmetic things are so cheap! They’re like 30 or 50L and they’re so cool, all you need a good base skin. La Malvada will be releasing new stuff so go check out the old and wait for the new! 

Ciao Bitches,
Leona ♥

The Model Also Wears:
Glass Candy in Obsidian by !lamb
Skin: Arsenic Blur by Tres Blah
Makeup: High High High Glucose

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