I Already Told You, I’m Not Gaga!

Review: Hey Buddies! So listen up, there’s ton of stuff I want to discuss/share/opinion about. First of all, Vive9 is releasing new stuff today at 6pm slt. For those of you that don’t know, Vive9 is run currently by the gorgeous and talented Sanya Bilavio, I added you on Flick btw, lol shout out moment. Anyways, I peeked into her store even though she had ban lines up, those don’t stop me from snooping. There’s ton of cute stuff, some old, some new and reinvented, too bad I couldn’t buy anything there and then. Switching gears, Hair Fair starts tomorrow. This year the Hair Fair is benefiting a program that creates wigs for children. I think it’s a great idea and program, but… I don’t like the Fair idea. Don’t toss tomatoes yet. I just don’t want to get up off of my fat ass and having to push these skinny bitches out of my way to end up buying the wrong thing. Fairs aren’t good, you end up moneyless and lonely at the end of the day. I wish I could purchase online! Technology people! I’ll be running for SL president, Jayaram 2012, vote for me bitches! So, I’ve also joined an RP city and its fascinating, great workout for the mind and imagination. The above pics were taken at this city, you can find the location below. I was going for softer lighting and I’m learning how to toy with sky setting etc. Watch out for Designers United that I think also starts tomorrow!

Leona ♥

Look #1
Ambrosia in Granny by !lamb
Skin: Arsenic Blur by Tres Blah
Makeup: Bubbles Plastic #1 by La Malvada Mujer *Viewer 2 Compatible Only*
Tops: Paito Dress in Violet by Tee*fy worn as undershirt, I Kill Her! by &bean
Skirt: Ruffle Flower skirt in White by minj.t
Pose: Simply, Cheryl by Dismorph

Look #2
Telephone in Coffee by ploom
Skin: Arsenic Blur by Tres Blah
Makeup: I Want To Be Beth Ditto #1 by La Malvada Mujer
Top: a.C.Power**Shirt. by CheerNo
Skirt: MOCOMOCO chiffon  SK – PF by::{u.f.o}::
Pose: Gutsy by [LAP] *Long Akward Poses*

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