Posing In The Rain

“Journal Entry”: Today, I would like to have more of a fireside talk. So, SL is getting really boring it me. I’m a bit moody ,for those who dont know me, but also classy of course. My taste changes a lot but there are a few exceptions that will never change, which is my I bring a new boyfriend to Thanksgiving every year. Anywho, I dont know, but I feel like SL is loosing its spark for me, but it’ll probably pass just like gas. I’m so bored I’m seeing things and talking to objects around my house. My dog is in constant fear of me, he thinks I’m gunna pick him up again and give him a lecture. Poor stud. Anyways, I visited this cool sim called Soap yesterday. It’s a rural dark kind of city, awesome place for photos. Go check it out or come visit me for tea! I have lady fingers and lemon tea! (The reviews are on the picture, too lazy to write all that crap out!)

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