California Gurls

Review: Hi Guys! I’ve kinda been afk for a long period of time due to a little annoying beagle, school, my curling iron overheated, a cold etc. Anyways, I’m kinda back on my stillettos again and for those that don’t know I dig Katy Perry, hardcore! She recently released a song called California Gurls ft. Snoop Dog, hence the name of the post. I was reading the May issue of Glamour Magazine, with the gorgeous Lauren Conrad on the cover, and the had an article of the 7 risks women should take with their wardrobes, so I decided to create one for SL. I know that our avatars don’t have flaw and if we do, we can just fix it in a click of a button, but these risk that even your almost perfect avatar should take. Stay tuned for more details!

♥ Leona

The Model Wears;

Hair: Paio in Lightbrown by Mirai

Skin: Makeup 7 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Jacket: Classic Pinstripe Blazer in White by Armidi

Bottoms: Joanne High Waist Shorts in Teal by R.icelli

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