They Call Me AYIL

Review: So guys, I guess I’ve been added to LG Concept’s gift list and I’m pretty darn psyched! I’ve never been added to a store’s gift list, especially not a great store as LG Concept. This makes Leona very happy and I just had to blog about their generous gift. For those that aren’t familiar with LG Concept,  its owned and designed by the gorgeous Gyorgyna Larnia and partner (forgot the name but will put it in).  You might be familiar with the re-create of Alexander McQueen’s orange and black striped poncho that they released as a gift after his death. Ms. Larnia, correct if I’m wrong, also designs for Lagyo, the awesome accessories store. Any who, they have decided to release their first skin line and the line is called Peau d’ange and the skins are called AYIL (hence the title). It’s to be released this weekend but I got a preview gift and I’m so thrilled! Shucks, no one has every given me a preview of anything hehe. The above skin is AYIL in Lumineux Dark Brows. It’s gorgeous. I applaud them for such a great skin, especially it being their first skins. I love the Pierrot/ Lady Gaga Paparazzi lips and they’re such a fun bright color for the summer. The two tones of pink is to die for! The eyebrows are high arched which adds a bigger touch of Pierrot to the skin.  Magnifico and Bravo to LG Concept!

♥ Leona

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: The Wallflower (Shorter Bangs) in Rice Cake in Chips Pack by Epoque

Skin: LG Peau d’Ange – AYIL skin opening gift by LC Concept

Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 9 by Mayden Couture

Gloves: Half Glove in Cobalt by Royal Blue

Bottom: STD Forever Corselet by CheerNo

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