Must Have Swimwear!

Review: Ladies and Gents ( I don’t judge) its time to pull out our Venus razors and get cracking! It’s swimwear time! Shed those layers and hit the beach. I wanted to show some hot swimsuits that I’ve encountered throughout my SL shopping. The above swimsuits are all from Armidi, even though they seem like they’ve died, they have the best swimsuits. The first example is the monokini. It’s a sexier version to the classic one piece. It’s chic, very pool side Beverly Hills. I think they also look cute for the summer when you wear it as a bodysuit with  a kind of high waist flared cuff pair of trousers. The next one is the more sporty bikini. The bottom has more coverage so its good for surfer chicks or people who just don’t like a thong looking bikini. The third one is a more sexy bikini. It still is very chic with the wrapping of the rope detail, but the coverage is minimal. These are just suggestions but you should check out Duas Marias, Wasted Youth, etc for bikinis. Artilleri (I know I butchered the name) I heard has cute vintage looking suits. Just remember to shave/wax depending on coverage and always wear something you feel comfortable in and strut down the beach like you own it! ( The editing was rushed, I apologize for the crappy pics)

♥ Leona

The Models Also Wear;


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