Boxed In Shaven Chick

Review: I met a young man named Vitor Algoma (I don’t think he knows me heheh) and he is the spectacular designer, owner, inventor etc for Casa CheerNo. It’s a clothing line for men only, but knowing me, I took a chance in buying some of his designs and seeing if it would fit my body etc. Clever as I am I messaged the managers for CheerNo, but they were offline and I’m impatient so I took the risk. Gladly and luckily they did fit! Guys, if you’re into sexy, stylish clothing that has a touch of femininity in it, CheerNo is your store. I love the “controversy” that there is when a girl comes out wearing boxers or having a buzz cut so I kinda wanted to show a more masculine side but still keep my Alexander McQueen heels on.  So Ladies and Gents, if you like boy clothes that are sexy, tight, controversial, exciting visit CheerNo and you won’t regret it.

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Vitor in Black by CheerNo

Skin: Makeup 2 & 7 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Bodysuit: STD Forever Corselet by CheerNo

Gloves: Half Gloves in Cobalt by Royal Blue

Heels: Armadillo Plateaus in Mamba [PACADI Jasha]

Glasses:  Eighties Sunglasses in Red by CheerNo

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