Packing Plastic (Royal Blue)

(Beetle Juice in Blue by Royal Blue)

Review: I was at Cupcake sim the other day and I was looking for specific store. I get so aggravated there because I normally have no sense of direction whatsoever and I get even more lost and confused at Cupcake. No offense to Cupcake sim, I think its cool, I’m just demented. But anyways, so I was strutting around when I came upon a cute little boutique called Royal Blue. OMG! It is amazing! The designer’s name is Marni Grut and I hear that she also designs for Lelutka. So when I went to the main store it was like a clash between Lelutka’s high-class fashion with this cute spunky style. I see a very very bright future in world (and on my blog 🙂 ) for Ms. Marni. Anyways, don’t you just love that outfit? ^^. I love anything that shows off legs so that a plus and I also love the soft circus tone that it has to it with the coloring, the stripes, and the overall pin-up outfit that it has. The suspenders are so cute, they cross at the back and they have cute little diamonds on the right, have to love the details. But please, go check her stuff out and you will not regret it!

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Life Preserver by Epoque (Freebie!)

Skin: Estelle by Lelutka (Gift @ LE Look)

Eyelashes: Regina by Beauty Avatar (Made thicker by GIMP)

Outfit: Beetle Juice in Blue by Royal Blue

Heels: Sluts in Skyscrapers in Noir and Lemon String by Royal Blue


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