“Sale At Armidi”

(Sale at Armidi Skin by &Bean)

Review: There’s a sale at Armidi?! When, where?! Calm down fashionistas! It’s just the new skin from &Bean. I was strutting through the Cupcake sim when I came upon &Bean. I’ve seen a lot of their designs but I never got the chance to visit their stores and gladly, as if by destiny, I was able to come upon them with a purse full of money, not that you need it there. I love shops that offer great items for low prices, just had to get that out there! Anyways, I love this new 50L trend that’s going around SL and I found this great skin at &Bean for only 50L. It comes in different shades, if interested, but those are different prices. The theme of the makeup is having been beaten up because of a sale at Armidi (sales do tend to get pretty violent,especially for the short ones :P),  so there are bruises under the eyes as well as scratches and the facial expression is of pain. I love the lips on this skin, there are like dry spots on the lips and spots where the lip is supposed to be swollen. I guess this chick got really messed up at the Sale At Armidi.

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Jules in Black by Fri.day

Heels: Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by Lelutka

Eyebrows: Deviantart brushes

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