Label Mode

(Long Black Jacket by Label Mode)

Review: This jacket is a cutie. I love the modern trench coat feel that it portrays with the longer bottom skirt. The detailing of the pockets and buttons are essentially irresistible. I also love the nice leather texturing. The shiny leather belt dresses it up a bit, making it feel casual with a touch of glitz & glam.

The Model Also Wears;

Broken Jeans in Grey by Label Mode

Tooth Prim by Label Mode

(White Poncho by Label Mode)

Review: This is one of my favorite looks by Label Mode. Fashion to me is about difference and everyone thinks ponchos are so “lame” and I love the way Label Mode turns it into this fabulous outfit. I love the thick brown seaming that eye pops against the nice soft white. The neck buckle is irresistibly fab. Love the nice warm feel to the texture and the hood just pulls it all together.

The Model Also Wears;

Tooth Prim by Label Mode

(Odellete Coat by Label Mode)

Review: How cute is this outfit?! It is so valley girls meets city. I love the detailing on this jacket. I also love the way the belt is a little high waist. These shorts are fab. Ripped cutoffs are a girl’s best friend!

The Model Also Wears;

oO Glasses:: Turttle

Mini-bagged Shorts in Gold denim

Winter low boot in White

(Hillary Dress by Label Mode)

Review: Now this outfit is spectacular! I love dark colors and I love “night scence” ecletic clothing. This outfit is all that wrapped into a cute little bag named chic. It’s obnoxiously fashionable and I love the strapless style to the dress.

The Model Also Wears;

California Glasses in Black

 Hillary dress in Black

Handbag [comming soon]

Ankle boots in Grey


2 thoughts on “Label Mode

  1. kyrie says:

    love your style 🙂

    • Leona Jayaram says:

      They’re from a new clothing line called Label Mode… you can purchase online, the designer requested me to review them. Glad you like it 🙂

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