Paper Couture Accessories!

(Dark Fur Stole and The Beat Glasses by Paper Couture)

Review: Paper Couture is the Chanel of Second Life. Glamourous with a pinch of rertro and a dab of futuristic with a load of high fashion. When I heard that PC was back with a new collection, I strapped on my stiletos and went running towards the entrance of the Tableau store. Their new collection screams old hollywood glamour. I wasn’t so finacially suit for shopping so I head for the accessories. Large obnoxiously delightful glasses, necklaces, stoles. It was like playing with my mother’s jewelry box. Back on track, these glasses are fab! They have a touch of retro glasses meets Ashley Olsen’s oversized sunglasses. They are also very old hollywood with the texturing and color. The stole is a perfect touch of glamourous fur for any outfit. Thank good for trees so that “Paper” Couture could exsist! (Real bad joke I know!)

Hair: Bang Bang by !lamb

Stole &  Glasses: Paper Couture

Leggings: Slit tights by Gigi’s Couture

Pose: Dismorph. Serpent Statue

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